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The monitoring program for the buncombe bioreactor was developed with the project goals in mind. The parameters sampled and analyzed for leachate will allow the stakeholders and project team to analyze:

  • Garbage decomposition rate and stage of decomposition, primarily through tracking BOD5 and COD
  • Ammonia will help determine if the concentrations of leachate are becoming too strong and affecting the decomposition rate
  • Comparison tool for analyzing groundwater and leak detection liquids

The leak detection zones are analyzed for the same parameters as leachate in order to compare the composition of the liquids in leak detection zones. This helps the stakeholders and project team determine the effectiveness of the alternative liner system.

Analysis of leachate, leak detection and groundwater parameters are investigated to illustrate the presence or absence of leachate in the leak detection zones and groundwater system. This aids the project team members in determining the effectiveness of the alternative liner system.

Landfill Gas Data

Greenhouse Gas Reductions. The landfill gas to energy project reduces greenhouse gas emissions through combustion of LFG and also produces carbon credits for the county through the Climate Action Reserve. In 2012 the county registered 28,784 carbon credits, which is equivalent to offsetting gas emissions from 5,997 passenger vehicles.

Leachate/Leak Detection/Groundwater Analysis


  • Waste-Cell 6
    • Fig. 6-1
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